My Nicaragua trip in numbers

A lot of fun and funny things happened to me in Nicaragua. I haven’t managed to report about all of them just yet, but I hope I will still find time for that.
Until then, the usual breakdown of my trip – this time Nicaragua – in numbers:

  • days spent in Nicaragua: 24
  • kilometres traveled from the beginning of my trip: at least 10 615
  • Nicaraguan regions visited: 7 out of 15
  • different types of transportation: 7 (a shuttle bus, a chicken bus, a taxi, a truck, a ferry, a kayak, a scooter)
  • chicken bus rides: 10 (average price of the ride: 1,36€)
  • different accommodations: 7; one of them being a tent, one a four-star hotel; two returns to the same hostel (in León)
  • most expensive accommodation: 38,7€/night
  • cheapest accommodation: 3,99€/night (breakfast included)
  • heaviest burden in kg: 15 (my backpack during a hike to Cosigüina volcano)
  • number of guests in our hotel in Managua on New Year’s eve: 3
  • Belgian meals: 1 (carbonade flamande; in a Belgian-owned hostel and restaurant Via Via in León)
  • number of different ATMs that rejected my credit card in one day, which almost resulted in me having a nervous breakdown: 6
  • euros spent on food per day on average: 10,10
  • euros spent on food that reminded me of Christmas at home: 27,79

+ some extras:

  • most heard song: Échame la Culpa
  • most unusual thing I did: climbed an active volcano and boarded down from it
  • discovery of the month: apparently Nicaraguans wash clothes with cold water – which is why the clothes smell good, but they’re still dirty. Not cool.
  • mystery of the month: beer taste. Why does everyone I meet prefer Victoria to Toña, if the latter is tastes way better?
  • discovery of the month numero dos: there is always, always at least one Dutch person in a 10-meter radius around you in Nicaragua

My last day in Nicaragua is also my last day in Central America. I had a blast!

After three months here I’m heading down south, to one of my dream countries:


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