My Cuba trip in numbers

A breakdown of my Cuba trip in numbers:

  • days spent in Cuba: 18
  • kilometres traveled from the beginning of my trip: at least 6202
  • intercity bus rides: 4, intercity colectivo rides: 2, private intercity taxis: 1 (for 60 euros, it still hurts!)
  • Cuban regions visited: 5 out of 9
  • longest travel time: 6 hours
  • different accommodations: 7, number of accommodations that had an actual door between the room and the bathroom: 2
  • cockroaches encountered: 2
  • number of hours of internet I bought: 11
  • number of hours internet actually worked: maximum 7
  • number of times it took to visit a ticket office to buy a Viñales-Las Terrazas bus ticket: 4
    (the first time it was closed, the second time I was told the guy selling the tickets “stepped out for a bit”, the third time he was busy doing something else, and the forth time he finally sold me the ticket).
  • number of caves visited: 2
  • number of mojitos drank: at least 23
  • number of times I got a beer in a Havana Club glass: always *(1)
  • number of times I got offered horseback riding: uncountable
  • number of How I met your mother episodes watched: 26
  • euros spent on food per day: 15,59
  • euros spent on taxis: 109,51

*(1) I couldn’t care less but my Belgian travel mate got annoyed every single time

+ some extras:

  • most heard song: it’s a tie again, this time between Guantanamera and Felices los 4
  • food I craved for most: chocolate
  • surprised about most: the fact Cubans don’t know how to pour beer in a glass. As my friend Tjaša said when we were sitting in front of El Capitolio having a Cristal, a brewer dies every time a Cuban waiter pours beer like water, resulting in a glass full of foam

My backpack is packed again.

Gracias, Cuba! Next on: back to Mexico!

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