My Colombia trip in numbers

Colombia is the 42nd country I’ve been to and the 8th on this trip. I spent my 100th day traveling in Colombia and I got the closest to the Equator here (469 km).

More numbers from my wonderful time in this amazing country:

  • days spent in Colombia: 20
  • km travelled since the beginning of the trip: at least 17.225
  • flights taken in Colombia: 3
  • longest travel time: 15 hours (from Medellín to Villavieja)
  • Colombian states visited: 8 out of 32
  • biggest difference in altitude: 3.152m (sea level and Cerro de Monserrate in Bogotá)
  • biggest difference in temperature: 27℃ (Bogotá at night and Tatacoa desert during the day)
  • different accommodations: 7; including a three story bunkbed and a tent
  • different beers tasted: at least 10; my favourite one was an IPA from Tres Guerreros
  • highest number of ingredients in a meal: 10 (in Villvieja; a hot dog with chicken, bacon, onions, mushrooms, lettuce, ketchup, mayo, and a sweet yellow sauce)
  • minutes floating in the air, solely depending on wind: 30 (paragliding in Medellín)
  • farthest away from the closest highway (in km): 700; in Leticia, a town in the middle of the Amazon rain forest
  • total euros spent: 1.018,08
  • euros spent on transportation (flights, buses, taxis): 382,82; out of which 250,45 just on flights
  • euros spent on food per day on average: 12,99
  • euros spent on accommodation per day on average: 12,38

+ some extras:

  • most heard song: definitely something from the ‘80s. Probably Careless whisper.
  • still not convinced about: arepa, tasteless piece of bread they eat here religiously
  • widest gap: between poor barrios of Medellín (Metropolitano, Santa Rosa de Lima, Olaya Herrera) and the fancier parts of El Poblado
  • number one experience: paragliding in Medellín
  • number one memory: days in Medellín

Colombia was beyond amazing, but my backpack is packed again! I’m boarding the boat on the second longest river in the world tomorrow, crossing the Amazon rain forest down to Brazil!

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