Usda Rural Development Management Agreement

(i) borrowers and administrators agree to operate the housing project in accordance with the management plan; 2. Whenever a new administration is proposed and/or an administrative agreement is executed or renewed, certification is made. Any changes to the management certification must be approved by the Agency and the borrower. (vi) the borrower and administrator will not purchase goods and services from companies that have an Identity of Interest (IIO) with the borrower or administrative officer until the Agency`s IOI relationship in paragraph g of this section has been disclosed, not denied by the Agency in accordance with paragraph (d) (3) of this section, and it has been found that costs are as low or lower as arms purchases, open purchases; and Multi-Family Housing is taking several steps to help landlords, administrative officers and tenants obtain quality housing during COVID-19`s AUSBRUCH. In particular, three immediate steps are effective for Section 515 Multi-Family: (viii) Holiday billing or gifts to management agents; (ix) counting ineffective practices, such as the .B. the routine use of group calls from a site manager to an administrative officer office; (i) administrative costs. Administrative fees are only permitted if the fee is approved by the Agency as a reasonable cost for the housing project and documented on management certification. Administrative costs must be developed according to administrative costs. Compensation to a director for services pursuant to an approved management certification, Form RD 3560-13, “Multi-Family Project Borrower`s/Management Agent`s Management Certification.” (vii) to pay bonuses or cash bonuses to site managers or management agents that are not clearly included in the site manager`s compensation contract; The proposed amendments are intended to improve the economic efficiency of RA, reduce program costs over time, and provide management flexibilities in the use of funds. The Agency has already taken several steps to reduce RA costs within its regulator, but Start Printed Page 59683The regulations are needed to ensure efficiency and real savings for the RA program.

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