Special Appearance Agreement

The workshop agreement. Workshop is a special agreement that is managed by the Eastern Region and is used for the development of new works, usually a musical, and usually before the commitment of a planned production contract. Wages are lower than the usual production rates in exchange for participation in a percentage of gross cash receipts and ancillary duties. New Orleans Area Theatre (NOLA). This is a modified and expanded agreement on specific aspects specifically designed for use in the immediate territory of New Orleans. It is based on the premise that actors and stage managers can be used regularly. NOLA contains three levels of pay based on the number of performances and the rehearsal hours for which the member is employed. Musicals should not be produced under NOLA. There is no health insurance. A dinner-theatre.

This agreement applies to theatres that present successive productions where dinners are served either in the same room where the performance is given or in an adjacent room. The Dinner Theatre agreements are negotiated separately for each dinner theatre in each region and have different pay scales. Each production should last no less than three weeks and the theatre must take place throughout the year. The advertised entrance fee must include both food and delivery; However, 25% of performances in a given week can only be done on a performance-based basis. Dinner-theatre agreements are not permitted in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or San Francisco, except with equity`s permission. Visits are not allowed. Off Broadway Agreement. The agreement applies to theaters that have less than 500 seats in The Manhattan neighborhood of New York City, but are not located in the Broadway neighborhood.

There are five categories that are determined by seat capacity. Western Civic Light Opera (WCLO). The WCLO agreement is used in non-profit music theatres in the western region. Travel is permitted between WCLO theatres and, in certain circumstances, in theatres that are not signatories to the WCLO agreement. By Diem is necessary when the actor makes accommodation excursions from the theater. New England Area Theatre Agreement. This agreement is essentially a modified version of the Small Professional Theatre Agreement negotiated by a group of theatres in the Boston area for use. SPECIAL CONDITIONS, CONDITIONS AND WORKING RULES1. USE AND RESTRICTIONS.

(A) A special performance contract can be used to hire individual professional equity actors for a single production. (B) Its use is exclusively at the discretion of the Actors` Equity Association and Equity reserves the right to refuse to use it. To achieve such a provision, the AEA may require the presentation of genuine budgets reflecting earned and non-collected income and all other sources of income that are not included in potential cash information. (C) This type of agreement should not be used in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or San Francisco. (D) No food or drink may be served at the theatre, with the exception of lobbying concessions. (E) The producer cannot announce special performances for children or students or present productions that should be produced in accordance with the terms of the agreement and rules governing employment in the sanzens youth theatre.

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