My Mexican trip in numbers

I’m leaving tomorrow. This last month backpacking Mexico was just amazing. Of course there’s still so much I haven’t seen and done here. But I’ll be back in two weeks and that makes me feel a bit better. I was told I’m quite a numerical person, so here’s a breakdown of my Mexico trip in numbers:

  • days spent in Mexico: 30
  • kilometers travelled: at least 3202
  • intercity bus rides: 9 (out of which 3 were night buses and 5 were longer than 7 hours)
  • Mexican states visited: 8 out of 31
  • biggest difference in altitude: 2200m
  • longest travel time: 22 hours
  • different accommodations: 12
  • nights spent in a private room: 3
  • selfies agreed to: 9 with Mexicans (1 in the middle of a pre-Columbian ruins site with a middle aged guy, while I was wearing a women’s sweater he knitted himself), 1 with a French guy
  • Australians met along the way: at least 17
  • km ran: embarrassingly little: 16,76
  • GB of mobile data used: 3
  • times I wore jeans: 3
  • times I thought to myself “this is the most beautiful sight I’ve seen in my entire life”: 6 (out of that number of times I was looking at food: 2)
  • shots of mezcal: at least 18
  • tacos eaten: gazillion
  • euros spent on taxis: 52,42 (gringa pays double the price)
  • euros spent on food per day: 8,26
  • euros spent on alcohol in total: 35,90 (!)

+ some extras:

  • most heard song: it’s a tie between El Amante and Reggaeton Lento
  • the weirdest thing I’ve seen: people selling water, chips, nuts, ice cream in traffic jams, but then also puppies! Real live cute puppies!
  • the weirdest thing I got used to: being recorded on camera when boarding a bus

My backpack is packed.

Gracias, Mexico! Next on: Cuba!

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