Rt46 Merchant Services Agreement

4 Management processes related to the RT46 contract have changed and new processes are being implemented. With the new RT 46 contract, Transit Solutions (Pty) Ltd is the main contractor, and government user services must provide new mandates to Transit Solutions (Pty) Ltd, indicating which services should be provided to each user service. In addition, all employees whose account instructions we take must be disclosed to Transit Solutions (Pty) Ltd to ensure that we meet the service requirements in mutually understood terms in order to meet the specific needs of each state user department. Question RT46 Why do you need to fill out this form? If you are an existing RT46 reseller but have not received an email, this means that we do not register your correct contact information. Please call the portal to complete your application and provide your existing dealer number. 8 Once you have completed the form, sign and scan the document and forward it to gov.rt46@standardbank.co.zagov.rt46-standardbank.co.za. You can keep the original documents and inform the appropriate transit administrator that they are ready to be retrieved. Transit Account Executives will look for the original documents. QUESTIONS RT 46 What to do with the engagement mandate once it is completed? 7 to ensure that you have access to all services provided with the kind permission of the new RT46 contract; Please send your completed form by April 11, 2014 this will make our interactions easier effectively. Question RT46 When should the Carrier engagement form be sent with all FICA documents? Large franchises and groups with centralized billing for more than 100 dealers can submit mass bids and must contact Brian Van Rooyen or rt46@transitfms.co.za to obtain the necessary process and documents. All necessary supporting documents, such as Z.B.

Copies of identity cards, leases, etc., must be provided electronically to each merchant in files. 6 In the absence of the fulfillment of the commitment mandate, Transit Solutions will not receive formal instruction from your user service to participate in the new RT46 – 2014 contract, and we will return to the terms and conditions of sale in the offer. As a result, you run the risk of not receiving the services you request and/or the mandate is left to interpretation and remains uncertain. We therefore urge you to complete the form and return to: gov.rt46@standardbank.co.za question RT46 What happens if the form is not completed and returned before April 1, 2014? 5 Due to the nature of the covomotics of the new RT46 contract, FICA`s requirements are a necessity for widespread compliance objectives. These requirements have been limited to the provision of certified identity copies of all employees, which we receive instructions on the provision of the necessary services. This will ensure transparency and legitimacy for Transit Solutions to act on the instructions of the various user services in the state. Question RT 46 Why do you need to provide certified ID copies of the people we receive instructions from? If you need to register more than one dealer, you can still access the portal to complete your app. 2 Your availability for the new RT46 contract is a priority for us and this short guide will help you understand how best to complete the mandate commitment form. Please note that as of April 1, 2014, the new RT46 contract will be implemented with process changes. As a user, you need to understand the new requirements and processes so that you can benefit from the services at your disposal.

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